Drewett Keats (Deceased)

Squire of House Brimstone


Drewett Keats is the young squire of Baroness Primula and the former squire of Baron Yurd Brimstone. Out of loyalty to the deceased Baron and the House, Drewett asked to stay on in his position and serve the new Baroness instead of jumping ship to a different, more stable House. The veteran soldier who was training him was snapped up by House Rohn, so his training has stalled out until a replacement can be found. His greatest wish is to become a real Knight – although he does not wish too hard, to avoid the wrath of the Dryght, which may be why he is happy enough in his current state of perpetual Squire.

A native of Woodlyn Duchy, Drewett is not used to cities the size and population of Rithaign and is having trouble adjusting. For the first few months, the filthy air and stagnant water made him extremely ill. His immune system has recovered, but the crowds, noise and buildings still leave him bewildered.

Currently, despite orders from the Baroness to the contrary, he insists on sleeping outside her bedroom door for her protection.

Drewett Keats (Deceased)

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