Duke Raoul Tumenant

Duke of Rithaign, Scion of House Tumenant


Raoul Tumenant is the current Duke of the Duchy of Rithaign, the Queen’s nephew and third in line for leadership of the House. Not as warlike as his older brother, who is currently on campaign in East Fire, he has been groomed to be able to manage the vast Tumenant estates and rule Rithaign. A capable duellist, politician and administrator, he leaves most of the dirty work of running his Duchy to the Dryght and his Militia. Like all nobles, he is very capable of cruelty and callousness when needs be, and oversees the running of the King’s Schools in his Duchy closely.

He was only a boy when the dead rose in the Rithaign Cemetary and thousands died in the resulting zombie swarms, but has consistently spent money throughout his reign to reinforce the defenses around the graveyard and finance investigations into the catacombs. The Duke makes a public spectacle of the torture and execution of anyone accused of being a death-worshipping Low God cultist. Conversely, he is notably devout in his worship of the High God, and Canon Law extends a bit further in the Duchy than it does in the rest of Akra.

Duke Raoul Tumenant

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