Farsees Rohn (Deceased)


Wizard, Wizard 12

Strength: 4
Quickness: 6
Reason: 6
Charisma: 5
Magic: 11
Heart: 6 (-2 from loss of true love)


Desire to get Marissa back 4
Hatred of the King 2


A noble’s upbringing in Rithaign d12
Found true love d12
Pursued fixers endlessly across the Claw d12
Head of the Cult of the King Below d20
Obsessive sorceror d12


The current head of House Rohn in the Duchy of Rithaign in Akra. House Rohn are the second most powerful house in the Duchy, behind House Tumenant, and are politically on good terms with the ruling house. They are primarily a banking and trading House and many of the city’s shopfronts, warehouses and wharfs are owned by House Rohn. They played a big part in bankrolling the Duchy’s army and navy and apparently contributed significantly to the cost of building the new zeppelins.

Farsees Rohn is a shrewd businessman who is, above all, loyal to himself and to his House. The House has flourished quietly under his leadership, and become an efficient enterprise with a solid grip over the local economy. He is quiet and withdrawn, not often seen at social events, and spends most of his time at court talking business and making deals. His wife died of the plow a decade ago and he has never remarried – and his son, Artos, has never taken a wife either. House Rohn are generally seen in noble circles as self-involved, conservative and boring – although even the most scathing courtesan cannot fault their intelligence or business sense.

Of greater relevance to commoners, Farsees is rumoured to be spellbound, and a capable sorcerer – something which he, oddly, seems to be trying to hide. He does not openly declare himself to be spellbound to other nobles and tries to avoid the Dryght as much as possible. Additionally, he has an unusually large personal retinue – one which is paid out of his own pocket and not by the House coffers. Oddly, the Rohn estate seems to be guarded by House guards and he doesn’t bring his personal army around with him – begging the question of where all the men-at-arms on his payroll actually are, and what they are up to.

Rohn and his bodyguards have frequently been seen attending the fighting pits of late – not exactly an unusual pasttime for a noble, but Farsees doesn’t make bets and rarely seems to be enjoying himself. The rumour is that he is recruiting bodyguards from the ranks of the pit fighters.

Farsees Rohn (Deceased)

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