Gareth Mintar

Captain of the Rithaign City Watch


Gareth Mintar is a veteran of the East Fire wars who retired with honours and returned to his native Rithaign, becoming a Watchman and rising to lead the force. He is loyal to the king, fearless, stubborn, aggressive and has an amusingly exploitable lack of imagination. For reasons unknown, he absolutely detests trolls and takes every opportunity to accuse and punish them. He accuses many travellers to the city of being trolls in disguise and often threatens to cut off thumbs to test this.

It’s a well-known fact that Mintar has a weakness for a good war story, preferably involving the deaths of many trolls. He wears his Royal Army ribbon with pride and is very lenient towards fellow veterans, often overlooking minor offenses or commuting sentences. Conversely, the only people he hates as much as trolls are Nahalites – particularly the desert savages.

Rumour has it that he is feuding with Captain Lund of the Ducal Militia for some reason. At the very least, the Watch and the Militia do not often cooperate or share information.

Likes: Soldiers, Law and Order, War Stories
Hates: Trolls, Criminals, Troll Criminals, People Who Might Be Trolls or Criminals (Or Troll Criminals)

Gareth Mintar

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