Ginny "Wheellock" Siddal

Kingsman lackey, ex-Boss of the Merchants Below


WL8 Boss and Prestidigitator from Rihtaign

  • Love
  • Hatred
  • Desire

While the Merchants Below like to paint Ginny Siddal as the friendlier, less evil alternative to her counterpart Treb Quinlan, the truth is that underneath her easy-going exterior she is exactly as ruthless as a crime lord needs to be. Years of being a con-artist, thief, fence and killer has given Ginny the kind of steel in her spine rarely found outside the nobility. Anyone who doubts it needs to remember how she got her nickname: shooting people who challenged her to duels with swords. People don’t do that as much any more.

However, it must be said that she rules the Merchants Below by example, rather than through fear. Her crew contribute as much to the guild as any other, sharing in the risks and the danger. Whether this is out of loyalty to her men or fear of boredom is anyone’s guess, though.

What is less widely known is her association with the Axemen. Nobody is really sure why – most presume a long-held grudge against the nobility for something that happened in her youth – but Ginny supports their activities more than is advantageous for her to do so. While most Merchants are happy to go along with this for now – after all, everyone hates nobles – the more cynical Merchants think that supporting the Axemen will get them into deep trouble sooner rather than later.

Ginny "Wheellock" Siddal

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