Ignatius Peeves

Professional thief-taker


WL9 Engineer from Heseek

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Ignatius Peeves is the sixth son of a minor noble who stands to inherit very little in the way of wealth or titles. What his birth does give him, however, is the freedom to pursue his obvious passion in life: finding and catching criminals. Peeves has worked most of his adult life as a thief-taker for hire to the various Duchies, noble houses, merchant guilds the Army and occasionally even kingsmen or Dryght and he has gotten exceedingly good at it. Now approaching middle age, Peeves commands a high price for his services and makes a living out of his reputation for catching even the most elusive criminals.

Peeves trained in engineering at Queensport University and often utilises several gadgets of his own design in his work. He has assembled a small team of other professionals who he calls in for particularly difficult jobs. Trained in the art of Court Sword duelling, like all self-respecting noblemen, he is also a crack shot with a crossbow. In his team, his specialty is detective work, interrogation and marksmanship.

Peeves’ Team:
- Ignatius Peeves, investigator and marksman
- Zoey Whitmore, infiltrator and pursuit specialist
- John Zinn, mage
- Travers Strong, brawler and strongarm

Ignatius Peeves

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