Isabella Raixe

Head of the Dryght Order, Sociopath


Isabella Raixe is the leader of the Dryght Order in Akra and does her best to lead by example in the running of an organisation of state sanctioned kidnappers, torturers and murderers. As a wight, she feeds on fear and as a result rarely goes hungry. She attained her position by ruthless competence and, if rumours are true, arranging for her predecessor to be hanged for treason. She runs the Dryght like the army it is, rewarding dilligence and cruelty with promotion and punishing incompetence and empathy harshly. The only people who fear her more than her own underlings are the people the Dryght target.

She is a dangerous war mage, a skilled torturer, a shrewd investigator and absolutely terrible at dinner parties.

Likes: Instilling Terror In People, Watching Executions, Running The Dryght
Dislikes: Incompetence, Sorcerers Who Don’t Work For Her, The Nobility

Isabella Raixe

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