Jess Lund

Captain of the Rithaign Ducal Militia


Known Histories
- Trained at Blackspine Keep
- Thieftaker in rithaign
- Captain of the militia

Known Inspirations
Desire to be the Greatest Warrior in the World


Master Warrior from County Brimstone of WL 4.


Captain Lund, as anyone who has seen her fight will attest, is probably the most dangerous person in Rithaign Duchy and may be up there with the most dangerous people in Akra. A veteran cordsman in the Royal Army, head of Duke Tumenant’s Militia, the House’s champion and winner of more than a few sword tournaments, Captain Lund rules her troops with steely resolve and an iron grip. Not one for mucking around in the dark, asking questions or waiting for evidence, her “cut-straight-to-the-doorkicking” attitude has filtered through the ranks of the Militia and made them very gung-ho when it comes to enforcing the Duke’s justice.

She leaves the actual investigation and fact-finding activities to people better qualified than her, like Ignatius Peeves, but people who underestimate her cunning forget that stupid soldiers don’t last long in East Fire – particularly if their job is rappelling out of zeppelins into enemy positions. She is notoriously orthodox in her methods though, and the Cutters and Merchants Below have gotten very good at staying one step ahead of her somewhat predictable actions.

Captain Lund can always be found on the frontlines, swinging a sword right alongside her men. Years of physical conditioning have left her fit enough to run around town in full plate, bringing squads of Militia to where they are needed. Even amongst the leg-breakers of the Cutters and the hardened guerilla warriors of the Axemen, there are very few enemies of the King who have crossed blades with her and lived to tell the tale. Ginny Siddal is one of them, and Captain Lund has made it her personal mission to see Siddal’s head on a pike.

Jess Lund

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