Juliana "Ironheart"

Scared young farmgirl and Chosen One


WL 1 Awakened from Vertroc (Akra)


  • Fear of my Destiny
  • Desire
  • Loyalty
  • Interpersonal

Trained by Chail


A young farmgirl from Vertrock who found a suit of black armour buried in her family’s fields one day. The tug of destiny compelled her to try it on and when she found that not only did the armour fit her perfectly, but that it spoke to her, her life was changed forever.

A Chosen One on the run, Juliana and a couple of her friends fled their home village with the armour a few steps ahead of the Kingsmen who sniffed out the stink of her destiny. They have survived by hiding and running and have very little idea of how they can keep this up or what their long term plans are. Juliana is determined to follow her destiny, and her armour seems very confident that it knows what it is doing. She has had no choice but to place her trust in the mysterious voice within her armour and it has seen her safe so far. She has little idea of what her actual destiny is but knows that she needs to “achieve greatness” as the first step.

With tuition from her armour, hard work and more than a little bit of Fate, she managed to masquerade as a mystery knight and enter the Rithaign tournament. She distinguished herself but did not win – but, as Fate would have it, found the Countess of Brimstone and another, more experienced Chosen.

Who knows where her destiny will take her next?

Juliana "Ironheart"

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