Self-declared heir of the Silent Footsteps


Killian’s history is somewhat unknown. He claims to have stowed away on the ship the Court of the Siren used to return home, and no one has cared enough to ask otherwise.

He is flippant but loyal, following the orders of Sa’di, Leader of the Organisation. He seems at least somewhat uncaring of the goal of the secret society, but is willing to put his faith in the Silent Footsteps while he excels in every field made available to him. He is rather open about his intent to put himself into a position whereby he can be the Second of the Silent Footsteps, the man for the job when Sa’di inevitably cops it.

Yet racing under moonlight, and facing certain death, it changes a man. Where there was only loyalty, there is now respect. There are some (and they are extremely clandestine in the statement) that feel their are sparks between him and the esteemed master thief.


Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms) AlexConno1