Marie Winterhill

A Grown Up Street Urchin


Known Inspirations
Love of ?
Love of ?
? Jigme the Cat

Rogue 4 / Witch 2


A survivor of Akra’s steets Marie is a friend whom Tyll grew close to over the first year in Rithaign. They have finally admitted their feelings to one another. This is despite the fact that both are not the best at expressing what they think or feel.

Marie had to go through the Kingsman school as an orphan which shaped a lot of her out look on life. She never knew her family so the major influence on her was the fear of the Kings mean. She finds it hard to go against authority and she struggles to reconcile what she was told of magic and the reality of Tyll. Eventually she decided she wanted to stand up and fight and try to keep Tyll safe in the many scrapes they get into. She learned how to use magic herself and has begun to learn Elemental Maelstrom with Tyll’s tutelage.

She still enjoys life though with dancing and visits to the Guilded Lily and exploring the world (even if most the places the group wind up are jungles or other awful places).


Marie Winterhill

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