Marius Nentarsce

Harbourmaster and the Duke of Rithaign's Nephew


Marius Nentarsce is the Harbourmaster of Rithaign and while he is a fairly well-educated man, most people who know him are quite glad that he has capable underlings because he very clearly got the job because he is the Duke’s nephew. On the other hand, the criminals of Rithaign and the Axemen are very glad he got the job because he is famously amenable to being bribed.

He is an easy-going man for a noble, who cares much more about his own comfort and station than playing the game of politics, defending his House’s honour or upholding the King’s laws. He is quite happy to associate with commoners if they seem reasonably well-educated.

Exactly why Marius Nentarsce helps the Axemen out as much as he does is a mystery. While their gold is as good as any other, their cause is clearly bad for his position as a nobleman and he definitely is not the politically motivated sort, or a particular sympathiser for the plight of the commoner.

Marius appears to have taken a liking to Jada. Whether that’s because of her looks or because she’s a capable trader who understands discretion is currently unclear.

Marius apparently is a regular at the highly illegal Gilded Lily theatre below. What a nobleborn is doing at such an establishment isn’t clear – or why they let him in the door. By showing his face there, Marius is risking a lot for a good time he could just as easily have at a noble soiree.

Marius Nentarsce

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