Queen Octavia

Queen of Akra


Queen Octavia Anfield-Tumenant is Queen of Akra alongside King Lucius I and is the 21st daughter of House Tumenant to possess the title, which cements the milennia old alliance between House Tumenant and the King’s House Anfield. While the Queen possesses no authority over the Dryght, King Lucius’ army of kingsmen or the Royal Army and Navy, she is far from a figurehead. Commander of House Tumenant’s considerable armed forces and many estates, she is also the de facto head of the Royal Privy Council, which the King rarely deigns to attend. She is in charge of the day-to-day running of Akra.

The Queen is a formidable sorceress, a gifted administrator, a capable strategist and a true tyrant. While her husband is a monster the likes of which the world rarely sees, the Queen does her best to emulate the King’s example despite her lack of authority over the Dryght and the Army.

Likes: House Tumenant, Akra, Her Continuing Reign As Queen
Dislikes: Rebels, Other Nobles, Her Unsatisfactory Minions

Queen Octavia

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