Haunted rogue running from the literal ghosts of the past



Base Info:
Class: Rogue Level: 20
Race: Islander Gender: Female
Mood: 1/8 Body 1/5
Wealth: 5 Organisation: The Silent Footsteps
Strength: 5 3
Quickness: 12
Reason: 6
Charisma: 10
Magic: 4
Heart 7 4 (Must heal over 3 week)
Desire to help others help themselves 3
Histories (Scarred, -1 History slot)
Ex-Crew Leader for the Merchants Below 20
Member of the Axemen 20
Network of Spies in Rithaign 20
Dueling with Words 16
Bartending in the bars of The Silent Footsteps 10
Language – Akran 2 (Fluency)
Language – Thyrish 1 (Functional)
Language – Island Native
Leader of the Axemen in Rithaign 19
The Ghost of Rithaign 17
Saint of Theives 11
Bring guns to a swordfight 7
Slew Alnuac the Liche King 6
Survived the ghost island & shipwreck 6
Trusted Friend of Saltblood 6
Memorialised 6
Tavern fighter 5
Target of the Kingsmen -10
The Cult of the King Below want me dead -7
Member of The Axemen -6
Greedy & Powerhungry -4
Tajir Mal [Trader] Art Collector: 18
If you want it, I can get it, for a price: 11
Finds secrets long hidden: 7
Memorialised: 6
Vajra Jamil [Courtesan] Famed Dancer of Oryn’ja : 11
Seen only to Dance and barely heard: 7
Memorialised: 6
Fighting Styles: Swashbuckling (M)
Black Powder, Crimson Blade (M)
Twin Weapon (M)
Dagger & Wine (A)
Magic Styles: N/A
Racial Ability: Islander Lower the doom by 1 per person, per scene
Class Abilities: Hunted During a chase, quickness is increased by one die size
Trickster Rogue levels worth of points in up to three histories
Ambush Use Ambush when hitting a target who was not in combat, and unaware of presence, if shadow level is higher if your quickness is higher than their mood + body that target is slain
False Identity The Rogue has a false identity with up to 12 Rep points, split as wished and is a member of an organisation, when living under the identity any reputations changes affect the identity and not the base character.
Headhunter Once per week, you may undertake a mission to murder or incapacitate key members of an organization. While the GM may have you play out the scene in special cases, in an abstract approach you roll your Quickness against the organization’s Shadow roll. If you win, you have kidnapped or slain key members in that organization, reducing its Efficiency by 1 and one other characteristic save Scope by 1 (your choice of Force, Arcana,or Shadow). If you hit the same organization three weeks running, it loses 1 Scope.
Rogue’s life You gain an extra major talent.
Imposter One of your fake identities has grown so powerful that you can now direct the fake’s organization’s actions once per week. If you are found out, of course, you lose this ability, although you can create a new fake identity immediately and grow back into this ability after two shadow levels.
Haunt the Memory’s Halls. You haunt the thoughts of those who come up against you. Some fear you, some obsess over you, some pray for your death.
Anyone who is covered by one of your reputations, who has an Inspiration involving you, or who has met you at least once before in any sort of conflict, takes a Heart penalty on all rolls in the first round of his encounter with you. If he has a Fear of you, this effect stacks,
extending the Heart penalty to two rounds.
Talents: Keen Eye (Gr) Roll either your social levels or reason die vs. Doom. On a success you can ascertain a character’s mood, wealth level, home region, all his class titles and the general areas of their inspirations
Administration (Gr) Increase one of your organization’s characteristics by 6 – Force
Combat Pick (Gr) During combat on disarming an opponent, make an opposed quickness check. On a success take their weapon and a small object that was in sight from them
Public Relations (Gr) You are a master at public relations. For every positive reputation you have at 7 or higher, you gain a gift from the admiring multitudes. If your reputation is 7 or higher, you gain one item of Wealth Level 9 or less (minor). In addition, if your reputation is 11-15 and you have the major version of this talent, you gain a statue and a holiday. The statue grants you a new reputation, Memorialized (6), with anyone who sees the statue. In a region that celebrates your holiday, on that day, your maximum Mood increases to 6 above its maximum, and you receive as tribute one item of Wealth Level equal to your character level.
Gear Quality Gold Price Wealth Lvl
Kingsman Sidesword 5 1000 5*
The Silver Racoon (Blind Pig Tavern) 2 1000 5*
The Breaking Inn (Blind Pig Tavern) 2 1000 5*
Ferry 5 1000 5*
Town Militia - 1000 5*
Retainer: Crake - - 4*
Bazaar Stall x2 1 600 4*
Bourgeois Wardrobe 4 600 4*
Buckler 4 - 4*
Wound Paste x1 5 300 3*
Riotwire 7 300 3*
Orynjan Hair Pin 3 300 3*
Draft Horse - 300 3*
Weremage – Retainer 7 300 3*
Bear Trap 4 100 2*
Oil of Cat’s Foot 2 100 2*
Thieve’s Guild Exceptional Wardrobe 3 100 2*
Daggers (Numerous) 1 100 2*
Engineer’s Crowbar 3 100 2*
Thieve’s Guild Mundane Wardrobe 2 50 1*
Tattoo: Dragon (Right Shoulder) 2 50 1*
Tattoo: Tally (Back of Neck) 2 50 1*
Muriatic Catalyst 2 50 1*
Wheellock Pistol x4 7 3600 9
Bear Cloak - - -
Manticore Leather Armour 5 - -
Longsword x2 3 300 3
Bow 4 100 2
Cash Money - 811 gold -
Aztec Gold - 500 -
*Wealth level purchase, if consumable regain within a week after use. Other consumables are once use.

PRESENT Quality Gold Price Wealth Lvl Recieved From/For
Engineer’s Shop 4 3600 9 Axemen/Sa’di
Casino – (Based on Theatre Below) [Heist-akes] 3 3600 9 Merchants/Sa’di
Wheellock Pistol 7 3600 9 Ghost of Rithaign
Noble Wardrobe 10 3600 9 House Tumenant/Alya
Venon Meduse 6 3600 9 Dryght/Alya
Militia Saber 8 3600 9 Militia/Reva
Wheellock Musket 7 3600 9 Militia/Reva
Silkmetal Tunic 6 3600 9 Militia/Reva
Mechanical White Khol Dancer 18 - - Tajir
Dragon Corset 8 2800 8 Tajir
Midnight Khol 8 1500 6 Tajir
Sun Plate 6 3600 9 Vajra
Oryn’ja Kris 5 3600 9 Vajra

The Tally is a set of 13 a small dot and then a set of 3



“You’ll survive.”
That’s the first thing they tell you after you lose someone.
And you know what, they’re right.
In time, we all find a way to pick up the pieces and move on.
What they forget to mention, however.
Is survival and happiness aren’t always the same thing.


Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms) Rastawn