Gulls are the first among equals of the Siren’s Court. Just as in her foundation story where the Gulls guided the Siren the modern day Gulls are there to guide the Siren’s followers. The Gulls are symbolic as well since the animal occupies a liminal space: it is a creature of both air and water so the priests of the Court are between the Siren’s world and their own. They are not overlords or higher ranks but advisors and trusted members.

There are three kinds of Gull in the Court:

Wave Speaker Gulls
The Gulls who deal with magic and rituals they organise the rites performed to the Siren.

Shore Walker Gulls
Not all gulls can spend all their time at sea. Instead some spend their time on the shore looking after the nest and the lost things that wash ashore. The Shore Walker Gulls look after the Court on a day to day basis helping lost souls find their way.

Far Wind Gulls
These are the Gulls who are advisors most of all. They are normally older than other members of the cult and impart experience, wisdom and advice to others of the court.


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