The Battle For Rithaign

The revolution has begun in Akra and open battle has broken out on the streets of Rithaign. The point of no return has passed: this is a war now. You will either win and liberate Rithaign or lose and be driven from the city in ruins.

There is a lot to keep track of so this page is for helping us all to make sense of a complex, multi-faceted situation with a lot of moving parts.

TODO: Update list of organisations with current statuses once I’ve double checked


  • Recent Events
  • Metrics
  • Organisations
  • Shadow Wars
  • Wars
  • Relevant NPCs
  • Victory Conditions
  • Terrain

Recent Events

  • The madfire outbreak at the docks has pushed the Population Panic metric up to Panicking
  • The return of the garrison and the parade through the city has pushed Population Mood 1 in favour of the Crown
  • Sir Guillame and Sir Wilheard died from an ambush by the Rebels and the subsequent crisis surge. Knight Commander Dawlish, Sir Zentha, Mr Black, Mr White, Mage Leavitt and Ignatius Peeves escaped injured but alive. Mage Flambeau was captured but did not give up anything under interrogation and was later rescued, close to death. The Crown discovered many Inspirations and Histories using Language of Stars, and from the interrogation of Mage Flambeau.


There are a few statistics which are highly relevant to the war and not really covered by game terms, or are just important to keep in mind.

Population Mood

-4 Violently in favour of Crown
-3 Fully supportive of Crown
-2 In favour of Crown [X]
-1 Slightly in favour of Crown
0 Neutral
1 Slightly in favour of Players
2 In favour of Players
3 Fully supportive of Players
4 Violently in favour of Players

Population Panic

  1. Calm
  2. Tense
  3. Nervous [X]
  4. Frightened
  5. Panicking


  • Weapons -1 Wealth Level
  • Luxuries -1 Wealth Level

Crown Attitude

  1. Happy, not paying attention
  2. Content
  3. Unsatisfied, actively paying attention
  4. Unhappy, interfering in situation
  5. Annoyed, taking active role [X]
  6. Angry, taking radical action
  7. Furious, out of control



  • Rithaign Garrison
  • Dryght
  • Militia
  • City Watch
  • House Tumenant/Duke’s Own
  • Rithaign Kingsmen
  • White Masks
  • Millennium Knights


  • Court of the Siren
  • Silent Footsteps
  • Eastern Dawn
  • House Brimstone
  • Cutters
  • Merchants Below

Neutral but relevant:

  • Cult of the Long Death

Shadow Wars

  • White Masks vs Merchants
  • Dryght vs Cutters
  • Silent Footsteps vs Rithaign Kingsmen
  • Eastern Dawn+Court of the Siren vs Cult of the Long Death


Crown vs Players


  • Battle of the Shrine Cave (Narrow Victory to Crown)
  • Battle of the Prison Transport (In Progress)


Rithaign Garrison
Six Companies Heavy Mounted Esquires
Six Companies Heavy Templar Foot
Three Companies Heavy Foot, Pavisers
Two Companies Foot Pikes
Two Companies Foot Skirmishers, Spears
Two Companies Scouts, Dismounted
Four Companies Long Bows
Four Companies Wheel Lock Muskets, Veteran
Three Companies Match Lock Muskets, Levy
Three Companies Militia Garrison, Levy
Three Companies Kvalt Mercenary Skirmishers
Three Batteries Heavy Cannon
Two Covens Battlemasters
Two Covens Stormlords
Two Companies Manticore Cavalry
One Roc and Attendant Handlers

Relevant NPCs

Rithaign Garrison

Major Antonin Bach
General Argulio Tizo
Major Dahlia Margolis
Knight Commander Dawlish


Mage Aldous Leavitt
Mage Trinicia Flambeau
Father Merges
Warden Keynes


Captain Jess Lund
Lieutenant Roxy Graves
Lieutenant Thom Hurland
Lieutenant Reva

City Watch

Captain Gareth Mintar

House Tumenant/Duke’s Own

Duke Raoul Tumenant
Sir Blanchard
Countess Fairfax

Rithaign Kingsmen


White Masks

Mr White
Mr Black
Miss Velvet

Millennium Knights

Sir Wilheard
Sir Esrolian
Sir Guillame
Sir Zentha
Sister Page
Sir Moonshadow

Victory Conditions


Rithaign Annexed: Total Victory

  • Destroy all Crown organisations or force them to surrender


Strategic Victory: City Secure

  • Population Mood is 4
  • Population Panic is 3 or lower
  • Palace of Talisaire and Dryght Tower are occupied or destroyed
  • All Crown Supreme Commanders captured or killed
  • Legacy of Champions is destroyed, captured or has retreated


Coup d’ Etat

  • Population Mood is 2 or higher
  • Population Panic is 3 or lower
  • A majority of the following Organisations support Players: House Tumenant, House Fairfax, House Nentarsce, House Rohn, Gold-and-Silvers
  • Dryght, Millennium Knights and White Masks have retreated, surrendered or been destroyed


Subversive Victory

  • House Tumenant supports Players
  • Rithaign Garrison supports Players
  • Majority of Noble Court supports Players
  • Population Mood is 1 or higher
  • Population Panic is 3 or lower
  • Crown Attitude is 3 or lower


Total Victory

  • All Player Organisations destroyed, driven from the city or forced to surrender


Strategic Victory

  • Population Mood is -3 or lower
  • Population Panic is 3 or lower
  • Crown Attitude is 5 or lower
  • All Buildings and Troops belonging to Players have been destroyed or captured


Hearts and Minds Victory

  • Population Mood is -4
  • Population Panic is 5
  • These metrics do not change for 1 month


Cut off the Head Victory

  • All Player Characters are dead or loyal to Crown


Any Means Necessary Victory

  • Crown Attitude is 7
  • Rithaign Garrison is loyal to Crown and still in play
  • Crown Attitude is 7
  • Sir Wilheard of Asterby is still alive


Strategic Areas

  • Odren Square
  • Unicorn Downs
  • Winter Hill
  • Rithaign Bridge
  • Low Market
  • Foreign Quarter
  • Merchant District
  • Hearth District
  • Docks
  • Meander
  • Oparth’s End
  • Cemetary

Critical Locations

  • Palace of Talisaire
  • Dryght Tower
  • Militia Barbican
  • Military Redoubt
  • Harbour Gate
  • River Chain
  • Rithaign Bridge
  • Windgate
  • Shoregate
  • Old Walls
  • New Walls
  • Promenade

The Battle For Rithaign

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