The Brimstone Military


The army of Brimstone has seen a rather recent surge in its size due to the careful and excellent management of the armed forces by the head of the Brimstone House, Countess Primula Brimstone. With her aid and guidance, the Brimstone forces have gone from House Guard to an esteemed if untested force, boasting templars and footmen in the hundreds. As such, some effort has gone towards the establishment of a chain of command by Primula and her Attendants.

Field Marshal, Puerte Caban

Caban was trained as a mercenary, albeit a high class one. He spent many years earning his pay in campaigns or local issue while remaining somewhat close to the court of Rithaign. Born of a lesser noble in a forgotten corner of the region, he is nonetheless competent and companionable and has found himself a place in the Brimstone Court where his words hold sway with the higher ups.

Shadow General, Drifter

Drifter has been around with House Brimstone longer than most. He is the leader of the Merchants and Assassins who signed up with the House many moons ago to support Primula following her many efforts, and he has proven exceptional in the field of espionage and counterespionage. He is second to Caban, but first in his own field of the underworld of Akra.


Dragon; A female Serai who claims to have killed a dragon and wields a strange white bow, similar to bone. She

Drifter: He maintains close control of this group, due to the danger they pose.

Military General, Arron Jester

Arron, nicknamed Jester for his lack of a sense of humour, is a former wagon guard. He grew up travelling much of the Western Claw as a mercenary for hire to protect traveling merchants or nobles who holidayed into the countryside. Despite his excellent Akran, he is originally from the Islands out in the sea, but he refuses to speak of what happened or why he left.

He originally signed up under Yurd, to accompany and look after Primula in her formative years, and built a close relationship with the Baroness to be. When the House fell into disrepair, he took on the role of protecting the lands outside of Rithaign and as time has continued, his expert knowledge of the lands led to his being raised as the Master-at-Arms to lead the ground forces with his knowledge of lands. He bows to Caban on military matters, as battle is not his area of expertise, but he maintains a good rapport with the men and has a knack for violence.


June Norman: a mature rain troll who has seen action in East Fire, but following winter discharge, she was recruited and reassigned to manage the Brimstone Shiled Bearers

Alana and Adrian: Twins who signed up together, Alana and Adrian are non-identical Seradynn trolls who are excellent captains who function well in frontline combat together. They typically manage the footmen in the Brimstone forces.

Specialist General, Dalton Knight

Dalton was a young man when Brimstone was scattered, and was kept on by the Rohn to maintain the chateau in general. When Primula reclaimed the home, Dalton was extremely useful in locating old forces and helping with acclimatising non-native troops to the area. Though a steward by training, he has combat experience and has been assigned the general liaison with those who do not fall in typical remits.

Dalton is still only in his early 20s, and formerly a close friend of Drewett before his demise. His last name, Knight, indicated his home as Knights’ Crossing and a severance from his own family, be they poor or not.


Pernan: A female human druid, originally born to a noble family, she left to become a druid of the land, concerning more with the maintenance of the nature of the region than the individuals within. She is sometimes cold, but she shows genuine warmth for her perception and protection of the natural cycle of things. She has been brought into the closer council of Primula as a voice of objection and as an excellent bridge to the older druids in the area.

Ser Tobias the Relentless: A human cavalryman, born a stablehand. An excellent horsemen, he rose to notice in the house and has been invaluable in many of the raids and protections against bandits and the serai afterwards. His title (the relentless) is unclear, but he was Knighted by Primula following services rendered and has been asked to lead and train her own cavalry as time continues.

The Brimstone Military

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