Court of the Siren

Organisation Attributes

  • Force: 8
  • Shadow: 6
  • Arcana: 9
  • Efficiency: 12
  • Wealth: 3
  • Scope: 11
  • Income 2

Notable Members

  • Tyll Saltblood – Leader of the Court of the Siren
  • Xander A Merchant and Captain of the Ship the Risen Gull Now a Shore Walker Gull. A lover of music and an integral member of the cult.
  • Scowler An old sailor who has been on every kind of boat from Akran war ships to privateers. He is now missing both arms and one leg but still yearns for the Sea. Now a Far Wind Gull who has trained Tiffany, to be a gull in training.
  • Jac Once an ex-King Below Cultist who was converted by Tyll when he performed a Miracle anointing Jac marking him as chosen by the Siren He has now become a Wave Speaker Gull and one of the best fighters in the Cult
  • Lucy Dalmar an experienced first mate and now a Shore Walker Gull. She has a husband who is also in the Court. She was badly hurt in the escape from Rithaign but has recovered and now captain’s The Call of the Sea.
  • Tiffany – A Young woman who has a talent for administration and organization.
  • Marie Now become a Shorewalker Gull for the Court.

Buildings and Other Resources

  • A Market Stall (+1 Income)
  • The Risen Gull Caravel captained by Xander (+1 Income)
  • Ferry (+1 Income)
  • The Call of the Sea Carrack captained by Lucy Dalmar

The Lost Cave


Story Gains

  • Recruitment Drive +1 Scope
  • Raising of the Risen Gull +1 Arcana
  • Cult of the King Below Papers +1 Arcana

War Losses

Battle of the Cave: -1 Force -1 Scope Destruction of Shrine and Sea Cave


Though the Court is relatively poor as far as organisations go it mainly uses its money to support the people of Rithaign.

Wealth Slots for Court of the Siren

Traditions, Stories and Rituals

Traditions and rituals are currently lax in the court as they have not had time to develop and there are only a few members. A small but growing group have taken to a worrying practice of calling Tyll “Master” and seem worryingly intent on getting into close combat by appointing themselves as Tyll’s bodyguards. They follow Mad Hat Zack around and spend their time telling off anyone who calls them a cult, beating up town watch and agreeing with Tyll like a bad group of back up singers.

A traditional mark of a member is for the bottom of their cloak to be encrusted in Salt – Tyll and a number of others have had to stop a number of the newest recruits dipping their cloaks in the sea to develop these stains.

According to Tyll the Siren is most powerful in areas relating to the Sea, Freedom and Things thought lost (whether people or objects).

The Whalebone Hall

Court of the Siren

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