House Tumenant

House Tumenant are the second most powerful noble house in Akra and are traditionally the noble house of the Queen of Akra. King Lucius’ House Anfield have favoured Tumenant for a millenium, and the first daughter of each generation of the Tumenant line have traditionally wed the king to further secure their partnership. The current Queen is Octavia Tumenant.

House Tumenant’s holdings are based in the Duchy of Rithaign and the trade brought in through the harbour has made them fantastically wealthy over the years. The recent wars in East Fire have been an even bigger boon – Rithaign is the closest harbour to East Fire and the thousands of Akran soldiers travelling across the Bay from Rithaign have put even more money in the Tumenant coffers.

They have estates and property all across the Claw, but their holdings in the Duchy of Rithaign are the largest and most grand, being their traditional family seat. A sprawling fortified keep, mansion house, grounds, forest and caves are some of the most expensive and prestigious dwellings outside of Hessek. They very rarely deign to go into the stinking cesspit that is Rithaign itself, but the grand Palace of Talisare is kept ready for visitation all days of the year.

They finance an Army and a Navy, as is required of them by King Lucius. These are currently deployed in East Fire, like the vast majority of all noble levies in Akra. In order to avoid leaving their holdings undefended, House Tumenant founded the Militia – a small, professional army in all but name – to police Rithaign and protect their estates. They have been digging deep in the family coffers and building a pair of zeppelins to support their Navy, as well. As they are “in testing” these zeppelins currently patrol the skies in Rithaign Duchy.

The current Duke of the Rithaign Duchy is Raoul Tumenant, the Queen’s nephew.

House Tumenant

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