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The Doomholds



NPCs (NPC Mindmap)

King Lucius I, King of Akra
Queen Octavia, Queen of Akra
Isabella Raixe, Head of the Dryght Order
Duke Raoul Tumenant, Duke of Rithaign
Treb Quinlan, Boss of the Cutters Guild
Ginny Siddal, Boss of the Merchants Below
Gareth Mintar, Captain of the Rithaign Watch
Marius Nentarsce, Duke’s Nephew and Harbourmaster of Rithaign
Aldous Leavitt, Head of Rithaign Dryght
Jess Lund, Captain of Rithaign Ducal Militia
Ignatius Peeves, thief-taker


The Cutters
The Rithaign Factors, Insurers and Beggars
Rithaign Mining Corporation
The Dryght
Rithaign Watch
Rithaign Ducal Militia
House Tumenant
House Anfield
The Orchids of Hessek
The Axemen
Akran Royal Army
Trade Winds
Court of the Siren
House Brimstone
The Silent Footsteps
The Eastern Dawn

Useful stuff

The Court of Rithaign
The World Below
Ongoings Actions
The Battle For Rithaign
Liberating Army

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