There are not many things to tell of Myre, the inhabitants are few and getting fewer and entirely nocturnal, during the day they rest as best they can, for at night the community does it’s best to evade the ghost like apparitions that haunt the island. Fire can hold off an apparition or two, but in greater numbers the light the fire casts is just overshadowed.

The summer is the most favoured time of year and the winter the most feared, with the longest days being celebrated. At this time the elders of the island tell the tales of Iblis, the dragon god who will save the islands from their devastations.

Most of the islands children are born within the summer months as the added strain and danger of the winter makes parenthood much more difficult, those born in the winter are said to be watched by Iblis himself and are marked upon reaching adulthood.

However the few left of the younger generation see little of the hope the elders hold on to, with the number of apparitions increasing as the communities numbers dwindle. There is little left for those of Myre to hope for…


Salt, Gold, Steel and Ghosts (Spellbound Kingdoms) Rastawn