The Cutters

The Cutters Guild are one of the two main Thieves Guilds in Rithaign and while neither are especially popular with the general population, the Cutters are by far the most feared. They control the Low Market and the Foreign Quarter north of the river, and have operations in the Docks and in other parts. Their income comes from many sources: prostitution, smuggling, illegal gambling and underground fighting rings, extortion and kidnapping, theft. One of their main sources of income is the string of protection rackets they run in Northside – the Watch have little interest in protecting the Low Market and so the Cutters have stepped in to fill the gap. Any pickpocket in the Low Market who gets caught is likely to be stabbed to death and thrown in the sea rather than serve time.

They are a heirarchical organisation, with street level thugs answering to gang leaders who answer to lieutenants who answer to the boss: Treb Quinlan, an assassin from Hessek who is rumoured to be the one who put the knife in Jason of Thyre. Naturally, the Axemen and the Cutters do not get along.

The Cutters run their operations from Grey Manor, a chateau owned by Quinlan in the prestigious neighbourhood of Winter Hill. While sneaking ruffians in and out of the manor at all hours of the day and night under the nose of the Watch is difficult, the near-immunity from attacks by other gangs makes the location more than worth it.

The Cutters have a well-deserved reputation for ruthlessness and violence – they secured their hold of the Northside on the back of a string of killings that was so infamous that there is an (unauthorised) play written about it, which is still popular in underground theatres. Conflict with the Merchants Below over control of the Docks got so violent that a truce had to be called when the Militia started making preparations to purge Rithaign of the gangs. That truce is still in effect, the terms carved onto a pair of violins owned by Quinlan and Ginny Siddal, boss of the Merchants Below. The truce expires this year, however, and with the upheaval in Akra’s underworld caused by the Axemen’s war, the expectation is that there will be a bloody renewal of conflict between the rival guilds.

The Cutters

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